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Jem and I filmed "Wisdom with Tabitha" today. It's always fun doing Tabitha. It's embarrassing when you find yourself laughing at your own script. But then, I guess if I don't find my own jokes funny there is little chance other people will find it funny.

I had to go up the Hardy's Bay to shoot today because that's where Jem was. It's strange, we've been living in the same house for the past two months, but when we finally get around to filming Tabitha I have to drive 160kms to do it.

I got the Hannahvan back for those who are wondering. I got it on Thursday. I was getting a lift to work with Helen and the fix-it man called and said "Your car's ready". So I told him I'd be there soon. Seeing as we were driving straight past the mechanic I decided it would be easy.

The hard though was when I found out the cost: $1202 and I had to come up with it between the City and Chatswood. But I did it. And now I don't ever want the car to break down again. I'm sure it will comply with my wishes.

It's Easter but I haven't really noticed. That's no good. Lucky I can celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection any day of the year.