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She Swears that She's Artsy

I went to Chris' 21st tonight. Parties are funny things. You go and stand around with a bunch of people, talk, drink, listen to speeches, then go home. There's no real goal to the whole thing. I guess the idea is to have a good time. I tend not to ever spend much time at the party talking to the person who's party it is. I always feel like they're too important to talk to me. Like when the bride or groom talk to me at the wedding, I always feel pretty special. They're like royalty and they come to talk to me.

Anyway, tonight was a good-er party. Chris and friends were the invited band, and they did well. But they seemed to get the best response when they started dancing. Chris has some mean moves up is sleeves, or would that be trouser legs? Although that sounds a little wrong.