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I was thinking about my blog this morning as I brushed my teeth. I can't remember what. I do remember that it had something to do with the fact that I have people who read my blog from different parts of the world. US and Canada mainly. And then I thought I should say "Hi" to my non-Australian readers.

"Hello people who aren't Australian! What's your national dish?"

"Hello North Americans! How's the northern hemisphere?"

That was a "Hi" and a question. I love Americans (Canadians too, but I think they're a little more like Australians, so I'm not so interested). I'm interested in yellow school buses, presidents and thinking Abraham Lincon is wonderful (not that he isn't). I'm interested in Southern Baptists, news programs that make every news event an "Event!" and being in the centre of a cultural empire. I'm interested in high gun ownership, fat people (is everyone there actually fat?) and Hollywood. I think I want to live in America one day. I want to live in the centre of the world. And I reckon people'd dig my accent.

And then I thought, just to be culturally exclusive I could make a reference to something Australian that people from overseas wouldn't understand. I could feel elitist and that would be fun and give me a sense of identity.

Big Kev

That was a little of an anti-climax. Perhaps I should try again...

Tony Abbott and his magical son

That's a little better. Maybe one more try...


Hmmm. I could be onto a winner with that one.

I think I've had enough now. And since I've wasted so much time pissing about on my blog, I think I've run out of time to go find a friend. I have to get up early in the morning I'm going white water rafting out at Penrith.

I might go hire a DVD.