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I taught a really dodgy scripture lesson today. The kids are already misbehaving for me and I'm on week two. I need to grow an iron fist. Or a better puppy dog face to make them feel bad.

I had to teach them to sing a song today and they all laughed at me because I didn't know the words. Oh the embarrassment of being laughed at by a bunch of 11 year-olds.

Last night I watched Hitch. That was fun. I like romantic comedies. And I was pleased that this time it was the chick who stuffed up more. I may be wrong, but in romantic comedies I get the feeling that, when it comes time for one of them to do the wrong thing and supposedly end the relationship it's more often the guy. And then he has to say "No, I didn't mean that, I love you!" and they kiss. This time it was the girl who stuffed up. And then the guy. But the girl first. I'm all about equality and I reckon chicks should stuff up relationships just as much as guys.

In the film one of the women, when trying to find out about a man said she'd "Google him". If anyone tries to Google me, they'll get heaps of stuff. Mostly just me talking about me and a few stupid photos, but what more could you want, eh?

When I'm big and famous (as in fat and notorious) there'll be whole fan sites dedicated to me. Like "The Unofficial Tom French Page of Love" and stuff like that.

Right now I'm at work. I've finished my work for the day and I'm procrastinating doing my Greek so I'm blogging.

I've decided that if I want more friends at my college I should become a lecturer there. Or perhaps write a book. At the moment I'm kind of a nobody. I did find out when my assessment is due. That's both a relief and a stress. It was one of those cases where ignorance wasn't bliss, but neither is knowing.

Kinda like when you get a pain in your head and it turns out to be a cancer.

I wonder how much damage mobile phones are doing to our brains. Nobody talks about that anymore. Did they stop microwaving our minds or did we just get bored of hearing about it.