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Between Now and April 3rd...

I have a little to do. I'm wondering how I maganged for this to happen, but I have somehow managed to find myself with lots to do. Between now and April 3rd I have to:

Write a talk for an ISCF group
Give a talk at an ISCF group
Write an Easter talk for a primary school
Give an Easter talk four times in 3 different primary schools
Write a 2,250 word essay and hand it in
Peform in a Puppet Play 3 times
Film a conert in Nowra
Run a small group
Run a messy night for the youth group
Write 3 scenes for the new Breakthru' Project
Find out about campsites to film at
Go to an Audition for Breakthru' Artz
Write a sermon on the Resurrection
Give a sermon on the Resurrection
Adapt a sermon on Community
Give a sermon on Community
Go to a wedding
Watch Norah Jones in Concert
Go to a Buck's Night
Go to a Wedding
Have 2 days off

I think that could be it. I'm not really all that worried about it, although I probably should be.