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Ryan once asked me if I would want to go out with a girl who wanted to go out with me. If you like a person that's good, but if they like you back, then there must be something wrong with them because you know what you're like. It's a really sad way of looking at things, but it's interesting. I've been thinking a little about it lately because I got the Icehouse song stuck in my head, and I realised it fitted with what Ryan was talking about. I don't think Ryan really believed what he was saying too much. Or I hope not, if I was a girl I'd go out with Ryan. Or at least, I'd certainly put him high on my list of good people to go out with.

I think I told Ryan that I'd go out with the girl and let her figure out for herself that I wasn't worth going out with.

"Well, you've gotta be crazy, baby
to want a guy like me
Yeah, you've gotta be out of your mind
- Icehouse

Of course being the most beautiful man in the world this is all purely hypothetical...