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I came home tonight and found that my big, fat, expensive, 19 inch monitor has decided to go fuzzy. I'm wondering if it overheated (I left it on today, and the screensaver didn't kick in) or if it just decided to go to the dogs. I'm hoping it fixes itself because I don't really want to buy another monitor. But, well, it's only money.

I have been a really bad college attender this week. I have only been to 1 out of 3 classes this week. I wagged Greek to watch the Academy Awards and tonight I only turned up to hand my assignment in because I felt like I could better spend my time recovering from my cold for Scripture Seminars tomorrow. I might try and get to sleep reasonably early tonight. I hope I'll be able to sleep.

Today I went to Mitch's house and ate 4 burritos. I also made lots of phone calls and drove all over Sydney.