11/07/2008 01:30:00 am

Typing 1

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Now might be the time to say that I’m feeling optimistic about the essay writing road ahead. I’ve managed to accomplish almost nothing since I started work here at 8pm-ish. Well not much essay work. I did manage to interact with Facebook deeply, send out a Bible study, get depressed, skim a number of theology text books, consider quitting, try and have a sleep and download an audiobook.

But now…now I’m on a second wind (actually probably only first seeing as every other wind before this hasn’t really been in aid of the work). I’ve put on Damien Rice and it’s going to be fun. I might bake some muffins soon.

I’ve finished Essay 1.

I’m 20% done on Essay 2.

I’m 15% done on Essay 3.

I can do this. It’s just like the Twenty-Four 24, yet with less guns and less friends.