11/14/2008 11:12:00 pm

Don't Tell

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Don't tell the happy couple, but I'm about to start writing the sermon for the wedding tomorrow.

Never fear it's all in my head. It's about writing the greater love story together. Or something like that. I just have to get it down in binary.

The passages are from Song of Songs, so I've been doing a lot of reading on the Song of Songs this week. It's a special book which I think I would appreciate much more if I was married. The more I read about it, and understand what's going on, the more it just feels like erotic poetry, which funnily enough, I never read. Reading it is like being stuck in a room with a couple who are all over each other and it's starting to make you want to vomit or punch them. There have been many times I've gotten sick of it and felt the "Get a room already" well up inside me, before I remember they have got a room and I'm in it.

Anyway, as far as the sermon goes, and the wedding, I'm not feeling the same way. I always like weddings, and I do always love a bit of romance. I'm looking forward to the preach because I get to just pontificate about love. I love love.

But as with last time, preaching a wedding sermon as a chronic single does make me feel a little under-qualified. But I guess the advantage is, at least I'm still idealistic.