11/28/2008 11:56:00 pm

Bad Brother

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So I called the people at Big Brothers Big Sisters today. As a Big I'm meant to do a check in every month. I hadn't checked in since August. Oops.

I rang and they were very pleased to hear from me. Perhaps because they were pleased to hear I wasn't dead. My check-in person was very kind despite my rather long absence, and she invited me to the Christmas party. How gracious. If one of my leaders didn't talk to me for a few months, even I, passive, non-confrontational I, would give them a bit of a shellacking. But I didn't get one, and that was nice.

I also rang my Little (the little brother). I haven't spoken to him since October. This is because I've been working every Saturday since mid-October. Tomorrow is no exception but I have time around the work, so I'll be able to fit in some Big Brother time. He also did not express anger at me for my absence.

I'm feeling rather let off. But that's nice. We might go to the Christmas party tomorrow. Hooray!