11/16/2008 09:59:00 pm


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I'm currently working on my last set of Scripture Seminars for this job. It's going to be a late one again.

I don't generally mind doing Scripture Seminars, in fact on the day I love doing them, but I really dislike making them happen. The recruiting of volunteers is unpleasant, and writing the material with the continual thinking of new angles to come at the gospel for a bunch of people who don't care, that's tiring.

On top of that right now I'm on day 12 of 13 days straight of work. I'm really not in the mood for doing stuff.

By the time I finish with these seminars I will not be missing the organising one little bit. I'll probably smile the smile of the free. I'll sadness for the school but none for those stupid green folders we carry. They're gonna be someone else's problem.

Tomorrow I aim to be home by 2pm for a good day and half off, before I'm back into it on Wednesday. Yes! I'm going to the movies!