10/21/2008 11:58:00 pm


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I got my hair cut today. And then I went to see Louie Giglio and his band of Merry Singers at Passion Conference tonight. It was pretty good. We did a lot of singing, and a bit of praying and we heard some talking. They never turned the house lights on so it was a little strange singing in the dark, and they preached with the house lights down too. In fact the message started and I didn't realise, I thought it was Louie about to introduce the next section, and it was only when I realised that the illustration about TV was going on a little too long for it to be a segue that I tried to pay more attention.

None-the-less Louie was inspiring.

People kept saying "I'm convinced God is raising up a generation for himself." It gets to me a tiny bit when people say that. Not because I don't think God is raising up a generation, but it implies that God is acting out of the ordinary. I think he is continually raising up every generation to do his work and to make him famous. The very fact that we are here telling the story of Jesus 2,000 years later is a testament to the faithfulness of God's continual generation raising. But I'm happy to be part of this particular generation, playing my part in this little bit of the story, so I shouldn't really complain.

I did actually have a good time, and I was moved and affirmed in my devotion to Jesus so I think they may have done a good job with me.