10/10/2008 11:51:00 pm

Journey into Manhood

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Tomorrow my father is coming over to teach me how to drive a manual. I did once get a few lessons from Jem but I got frustrated and annoyed. I think I was even tempted to be mean to Jemma even though she's one of the nicest people I know, so I decided it was best to stop.

But tomorrow my Father will take me on this last stage to becoming a real man (except for jumping naked over a cow and killing a lion with my bare hands). I know lots of girls can drive manuals (we're borrowing Jenny's car), which is kinda why it feels so unmanly not to be able to "drive stick".

Though that logic doesn't always work. Girls are in general more likely to be able to sew, but it's rare that you meet a guy who wants to be able to sew, because "if girls can sew then it's unmanly if he can't". If he sews we'll all tease him and and make him drink Breezers at our man barbies. So it's probably the fact that it's a car. Natural law dictates that men should be generally more advanced at car things than girls. The only time a girl should be be better at car stuff than guys is if she can burp and fart better than a guy too. Then she gets respect.

As you can see my image of manhood is pretty well rounded, it's all about cars, beer, barbies, burping and farting and those things pretty much sum me up.