10/25/2008 08:43:00 pm

24 - 6

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Dinner was fantastic. Jack still kills people with awesome efficency. I'm yawning. Should have slept more than five and a half hours last night. The blu-ray player pauses at every chapter.

Now for a guest appearance from Johnny and Anika.

Tom: So Johnny, how are you enjoying the Twenty Four 24?

Johnny: It's action packed.

Tom: You came late you dirty slacker. What's up with that?

Johnny: I'm a busy man. I had important things to do.

Tom: Like what?

Johnny: They were really important alright.

Tom: Fine. I'm talking to Anika. Anika, how are you enjoying the extravaganza?

Anika: It's awesome.

Tom: Good.

Killing Score Card
Hour 14

Good Guys - 56
Bad Guys - 67 plus nuclear meltdown with unconfirmed casualties.

Just for those who are wondering the kill count is for the number of people each team has killed. So the good guys have killed 56 people. The bad guys have killed 67. Some have been bad guy suicides, which we've counted as bad guy kills because they have benefitted the bad guys.

Energy Drink Count - 8