10/26/2008 01:45:00 am

24 - 8

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Argh. Getting tired. Had a nap for about 10 minutes out of a 40 minute shut eye. Dreamt about 24 the whole time.

There's a new President now, and he's stupid. And there is a lawyer from Amnesty who came and stopped CTU from torturing a suspect and in doing so held up the good guys in their hunt for the missing nuclear warhead. Still Jack found the guy and tortured him anyway. It's interesting how everyone who is stupid and weak in the show is against torture and all the strong ones are fighting for freedom!

I love 24.

Killing Score Card
Hour 19

Good Guys - 75
Bad Guys - 152 plus nuclear meltdown with unconfirmed casualties.

Energy Drink Count - 10
Torture Count - 7 people
Innocent people torture count - 4
Jack Bauer Angry Eye Squint Count - 85