10/25/2008 10:28:00 pm

24 - 7

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Matt and Beck just left. Our first pikers. But good on them for hanging around for so long.

Air Force One may have just been shot down. I'm nervous maybe the boring pasty faced President is dead. I want President David Palmer. He was black and could win against any other head of state in a street fight. This guy just sits on Air Force One and get's up dates.

Two people so far have been stabbed in the back of the neck. Jack does it better.

Killing Score Card
Hour 16

Good Guys - 70
Bad Guys - 71 plus nuclear meltdown with unconfirmed casualties.

Energy Drink Count - 9

Courtney wants you to know that we've gone through three bags of rubbish and one cupboard of recycling (who measures recycling by the cupboard?)

Nathan wants a mention. He's good with a remote. Sam's being well behaved. Tim is excited. Anmol is generous. Anika is taking over the world. Johnny turned up late but he's fitting right in and we've forgotten he's a blow in. John dropped by. That's everyone I think.