2/25/2008 12:50:00 am


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The public outcry for my lack of blogging means that I'm now back.

I didn't really give up blogging, I just didn't blog. I had things to write, just I never felt like writing them at the times I was free to blog them.

So perhaps I'll give you a run down of the highlights of the past week so that you can tell I've been alive.


I got a hair cut from a depressed hairdresser. I thought she might burst into tears at any moment. I told her I liked my hair cut even though I didn't in case she went off the deep end or something. It was a necessary lie. I wore my hat for the next two days.


I went and sat in Hyde Park and prayed. Then I went and saw Rendition. A bug bit me on the bum during the previews, so I had to wait till the film started to stick my hand in my pants to have a scratch. I figured it'd look a little suss if I did it while the lights were up. I think the bug may have been a stowaway from the park.

The film was good. Interesting, political, good people in it. I enjoyed.


I have very little memory of that day. I was probably drunk, knowing me.


I went and saw Rambo and I thought it was awesome. After working my way through the previous three in that past few months, it was good to see Rambo back to the form (kinda) of the first one. It wasn't as good. But it wasn't just plan silly like two and three (even though they were awesome in their dumbness). But this has some of the most satisfying old school action I've seen in a while. Yeah, I liked it heaps. Stallone just spends the last 15 minutes on this big M2 shooting stuff up. It was great.


We had the Annual Messy night for youth group. I love messy nights. My favourite game was Duck, Duck, Egg. Which was like Duck, Duck, Goose but with an egg. Good fun.

In the inevitable ice cream fight at the end I did manage to finish up with two young people with bleeding wounds due to broken plates. I felt bad, but got to practice my first aid skillz. I figure cutting two kids is pretty poor form for safe youth ministry but I'm yet to lose my job, so I'm happy.


Checked out a big house in Marrickville with Matt and Van. Could be a goer. It was big. We need more friends.

Mil and I ate lunch out after my attempts at cooking pasta ended in my setting the kitchen on fire by turning on the element with the bag of pasta on top of it, rather than the one with the saucepan full of water on top. Nothing, apart from pasta, got damaged.


Had lunch with the Grandparentals. Preached for the first time without telling a single joke. It was a big deal for me. I was a bit scared but happy with the sermon. It might go online in the near future.

I had kebab for dinner and watched the first half of Empire of the Sun which is one of my favourite films ever. I don't care what people say, Steven Spielberg is my hero.

Now do you all believe that I was alive?