2/28/2008 11:31:00 pm

Facebook Changed My Life

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So I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were given notice to move out of our current place. We've been looking for a place to move to since then. I noticed that the houses we were finding kept getting further and further away. At least that's how it felt. We found that place in Marrickville which was big and cheap. So that was good. But it was feeling rather far off.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, my friend Josh had on his status that he was looking for a housemate in Turramurra. He was offering cheap rent, good location, and, for me, close to work. I liked the look of it, but didn't think I'd do anything about it. I was planning on staying with Matt and Ryan because I figured they needed me to make the housing arrangements work. But I kept it in mind.

By the weekend I told Matt and Ryan that I was thinking, if they could survive, I'd like to move to Turramurra rather than Marrickville. On Tuesday we got offered the big place in Marrickville. By Tuesday night we'd figured out a way that I could leave the house and move to Turramurra.

So now I'm moving to Turramurra with Josh. I don't know Josh all that well, but I really like him, so it should be good. I'm sure we'll have many laughs. Or hate each other and want to move out as quick as possible.

I'm sad that I won't be living in "the community" any more. I'm back to the snobby North Shore (with cheaper rents than the dingy Inner West :) ). I'll miss living in Enmore. And I'll definitely miss my wonderful house mates.

But I will enjoy the shorter commute. And I will enjoy the more introvert friendly environment of living with one person rather than four.

So now, thanks to status updates, I have a new place to live. Facebook has changed my life.