2/26/2008 01:03:00 am

Oscar Night

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I haven't watched the Oscars for a few years but I did tonight. I went over to John's an watched.

I love the Oscars. Generally I find them amusing, boring, frustrating and sometimes vindicating. But they always remind me how much I love film. They give me a warm glow and a great desire to be in that room full of the people who make my life wonderful.

I have many memories of watching the Oscars. Mainly I remember my disappointment when they give the Oscar to films and people that shouldn't win. Like Titanic and Shakespeare in Love. Pfft, what were they thinking? And Roberto Beningni. Gahh.

But sometimes they get it right too. Tonight they did pretty well. No Country for Old Men deserved every award it got. Juno deserved best writer. I was gunning for Ellen Page to win Best Female Actor, but I knew she wouldn't. Cate should have won for I'm Not There. In my opinion, that's probably the best performance of the night so I have no idea why they went for Swinton. But still...

Enchanted looks absolutely terrible, there was not one good song out of the three that got nominated. And the one from August Rush sounded lyrically rather boring, just a bunch of feel good sentiments thrown together, but whack a Black Choir in and you can make any song sound good! Falling Slowly is a fantastic song. I was very happy in won. Partly because I love Glen Hansard, partly because I loved Once and partly because it was far and away the best song of the night. And Jon Stewart bringing out Marketa Irglova to do her acceptance speech after being sent off was the moment of the night for me.

Jon Stewart was very good. He's a funny man. I thought the line of the night was following Glen Hansard's flabbergasted acceptance speech when he came out and said "That guy's so arrogant." Made me laugh.

And that is my amazing Oscar wrap up. I walked out of John's place with my friend Johnny (who is not John) and couldn't help saying "I love movies." And I do. So much. If I could marry cinema, I would. Problem is I have to marry a Christian and Christian Cinema is rather embarrassing, so I think I'd take a vow of chastity. I'd rather be single than having to be seen at Woolies doing the groceries with my daggy-but-thinks-she's-cool, cardigan wearing, Christian rock singing, "Have you met Jesus yet?", "Praise the Lord" tourettes wife. But I guess it's not something I have to worry about too much because at this stage it's not possible for me to marry an art form. We're still fighting over whether men can marry men, so I figure that debate is a while off.