2/13/2008 12:47:00 am

3:10 and the time preceeding

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I went and saw 3:10 to Yuma today. I enjoyed. Westerns are pretty cool. And they did a lot of pistol twirling before they put them in their holsters, which I think has been missing from a lot of modern westerns, so it was good to see it here.

I think that I never really blogged about my weekend. While it was long, I think I enjoyed myself.

Friday was the start of small groups for the youth. Which was good fun. We joined the year 9-10 guys with the 9-10 girls small group for the beginning so they could eat chips and flirt. It's yet to have worked, with the boys huddling in a corner in relatively stunned silence by the extraordinarily loud girls. But I'm sure things will improve in due course.

I stayed at my parents on Friday night to get a head start on the trip up north for the speaking "gig". I was woken up ten minutes before my alarm at 5:20am by my little sister Hannah who had snuck into my room for a bounce on the bouncy chair in the corner. I don't think she knew I was asleep in there, so when I got up to tell her to go back to bed, she looked terribly shocked and scuttled back to her room with haste.

The trip up was pretty enjoyable. I listened to John Mayer's first two albums pretty much the whole way. Only at the end did I switch off all sound devices so I could rehearse my talk for that morning. On the way up I stuffed myself full of Maccas breakie as quickly as possible making me feel sick.

Arriving at the camp was a little odd. Going on camp with a youth group that's not your own is a little weird, being an outsider and all. Turning up on day two of the camp is even weirder. You feel rather out of place.

I felt rather tired and sick when I did my first morning talk. I'm not sure what the young guys thought, but I felt it was rather sloppy.

The rest of the day I wandered around in a daze starring at different chairs trying to assess their comfyness for a little shut eye. I made it to the end of the day only having fallen asleep in two chairs for about 30 seconds a piece.

Talk two went better. I got a better practice in and a better pray before hand. I hope God used me.

I drove the three hours home again listening to The Kite Runner. I made it to the Morriset Interchange where I decided to reward myself with my long awaited nap in the car park outside that place with the "5 Star Toilets". I ate dinner at the Coolabah Cafe. I was hoping to eat something that tasted normal (not Maccas). So I ordered a steak. I thought I deserved it after a hard day's work of wondering around a camp site like a zombie. I should have known better. At the Coolabah Cafe they pretend to have "real Aussie food". But they just give you food that makes you feel stick and stick an Australian flag in it. Although that could be what "real Aussie food" is. I hope not or I'm embarrassed to be Australian.

I made it make to the parents place feeling stuffed. I bailed on David's farewell and slept like a happy man.

Sunday was Sunday really. Just like normal. Except I had lunch with David to make up for the night before. It was fun. We ate in Hornsby at a Cafe. They should have stuck a flag in that and I would have been much more proud to be Australian.

And that is the weekend wrap up.