1/28/2007 10:42:00 pm


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Tonight Steve announced to the church that he is leaving the Church. He'll be gone in two months. He's off to take a job overseas. I've only known this since Wednesday, and it hit me for six. I had no idea it was coming. I haven't really got my head around it, it doesn't seem real. I haven't really been able to react to anything else since then. At least not at work. Wednesday was spent processing. Thursday was spent mainly in a staff meeting with the new team which was the oddest staff meeting I've ever been to I think. It's hard to figure out what's relevant anymore. It's hard to know how the year will look.

Everything is kinda up in the air. Of course, I'll still be the youth minister, and I'll still run the youth ministry. But who will run the church? And how will we find a new minister? How will we work with the interim minister? How will the church run when there is no senior minister for however long it is between Steve leaving and someone else arriving?

I guess everything is full of questions now. And I'm trying to process how I'm feeling. It's all pretty massive. I know what I thought 2007 was going look like. Now I have no idea. I just know it'll look different.