1/17/2007 10:00:00 pm

England Part 1

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I thought it might be time to stick up my photos from when we were in England. I know it's been ages, but my blog is looking rather bare. So here are some photos of England land.

Austrian Toilet.jpg

Actually this is in Austria. It's one of those toilets with a shelf. I needed to document it for anthropological purposes.

Clouds 1.jpg

The clouds as we flew to England were pretty cool. We pretty much had sunset the whole way there.

Clouds 2.jpg

More cool clouds


Everybody loves Buckingham Palace


"Superman" at the Odeon in Leicester Square. Yeah Baby!


Westminster Abbey

Salisbury Lodge.jpg

Our home in Oxford for three days

So there you go. Some photos. I'll stick up the rest, when I get around to it. Maybe now.