1/01/2007 11:46:00 pm

Would I...

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Pet a snake: Yes. Done it. I'd love to own a snake.

Spend a week in an empty room: Only if I had to. Like if I was a political prisoner. Then I'd do it and think about how righteous I am.

Ride in a hot-air balloon: For sure.

Sky dive: Yep

Sing in front of a huge audience: Yes. Is 300 huge? Cause I've done that.

Scuba dive: Yes.

Sit in the front seat of a roller coaster: Done that. That's not as fun as the back because at the back you go fast down the whole hill. At the front you have the wait for the back to get over the hump.

Deliver a baby: That'd be cool. Although I think I would only be able to say "Push" and "You're doing great."

Swim across the Amazon River: If no one told me what was in it.

Change careers: I'd love to be an electrician

Disappear for a long period of time: Oh yes please. I'd love to.

Walk through the bush alone at night: Done that.

Join a space mission: Yes!

Tell everyone what you honestly think of them: Most people. Not you.

Call off your wedding: I guess so. If I thought I shouldn't marry the person. Probably, knowing my ability to procrastinate. I could have doubts a week after engagement and only get around to calling it a week before the wedding.

Walk naked through Hyde Park for 10 minutes during rush hour: No. At least not till I'm old and wrinkly and it's a really good joke.

Disarm a bomb: Probably not.

Clean the outside windows of a skyscraper: I often look up and think "I want that job!"

Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa with a permanent marker : Not unless Jesus told me to, in person.

Go on tour with Elvis: That'd be the bomb!

Go swimming during a thunder storm: I guess so. But I'd be pretty nervous. I get nervous in the ocean at the best of times.

Perform surgery on your best friend: No.

Anyone else...

Thanks Lesley.