3/08/2006 11:59:00 pm

Bloody Weekend; Part Two

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I guess I should fill in the rest of what happened on the weekend. Just so you're not all in suspense.

I got woken up on at around 9am on Saturday morning by Jo and Jem poking their head into my room. They were on the phone to my concerned mother. I'm sure she wanted them to check up on me, make sure I wasn't dead or anything. I wasn't.

I got up and said "Hello" to my house and explained my new looks to those who were about. I had a conversation with my mother on the phone. That day we were going to my cousin's wedding and Mum offered to bring my clothes over to my house that I had been planning to pick up the night before. After that I got to sit down for a pancake breakfast. I liked the pancakes.

In between pancakes I looked for emergency dentist people. I tried one with an ugly ad that was close by, but they were booked out. I think I was a bit relieved about that. I found one in Chatswood that would have me as soon as I go there. So Jo (who had gone out to get a green slip) came and got me and we "raced" off to Chatswood.

On the way to Chatswood I called Mum to tell her we were no longer at our house. She had just got to our house. Oops. Sorry Mum.

In the Dentist they made me fill out a form. When the dentist saw me he said "S**t, we had better fix that!" So it was straight into the chair for me, more anesthetic, and lots of glue. In the end I got my front teeth splinted together because they'd all been knocked loose and a new false tooth glued in. It's only temporary, but it does the job. It was cool. He had a box full of false teeth and he just pulled one out. How exciting.

It was off to Grandpa and Valentina's place for lunch and getting ready for the wedding. By that staged I was feeling pretty whacked. I had a new experience at lunch. I got some food stuck in my gum. Not just on my gum, or between my teeth, but under my new false tooth and up on the large excavation left by my old tooth. It was a rather interesting experience digging that out with a tooth pick.

After lunch and a shower it was off to the wedding. By the time I got to the wedding I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I was so tired. I didn't really get all that excited about the service and I fell asleep in the sermon. Everytime I woke up the minister was looking at me so I felt bad. I think my tiredness was cause by the fact that I hadn't slept much, I had only eaten two pancakes and a little salmon roll since the night before, and I had probably burned up heaps of energy going into shock and being full of adrenaline for most of the night before. But I could just be a pansy too.

I had a Boost Juice (Banana Buzz) and a sleep between the wedding and the reception and I felt a lot better for that.

The reception was in the Harbour Watch room in Pier One. It was a pretty spectacular location. I was put on the young, single counsins table, so I was sitting next to my 20 year old cousin on one side and a year 10 guy and his year 7 sister on the other. I think they were cousins of my cousins. I had trouble talking to those two. I had to remind myself that it's my job to talk to people their age because I could have any kind of interesting conversation with them.

I went home from the reception early.

Sunday was just a normal Sunday. Except I had lots of people coming up to me and asking me how I was. I told the story of my demise often. But that's ok, I was prepared for that. It's rather draining having to accept so much sympathy. But we have a lovely community.

These days things are nice. I get to take my stitches out myself tomorrow. My lip is healing well. It's rather annoying because it hurts for most of the day, but it's nothing to worry about. My teeth ache a bit, especially when I bite them. And tomorrow I'm off to the dentist to get myself checked out for my new permanent tooth. How exciting.

And that, my friends, is the exciting adventures of Tom and his Friday Night Skating.