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This Given Sunday

It was my first Sunday back at Church today and it was a good one.

I was commissioned to tell a story before the sermon this week. Originally Beck had been asked to do a drama about a military camp, but that evolved into me telling a story about my male science teacher in year 8 who I thought was pregnant. It was a little weird, I stood up and told a story before the sermon. It was kinda like Sally had outsourced a sermon illustration. Oh well. People seemed to like the story. Especially the 10am crew.

I went to lunch with the Young Marrieds (and soon to be marrieds). They're a fun bunch. Smart, mature, funny. I enjoyed myself, and felt rather young.

I went to the Pub before Church tonight with Matt. It was good to have a pre-Church beer. I think I might change the location for youth group to the Pub. I'm sure its popularly would soar.

I did my story for Sally again at night in Church. I also got to do the announcements. I'm never sure if I do a very good job at telling information, but it's a good chance for a bit of silliness, and what's church about if not silliness?

Sally preached well today. Both services.

After Church I visited Maccas with the youth. The great thing about being the Youth Minister is that you get to hang out with the youth. They're all good fun. Maccas with the young people is always a highlight.

I'm looking forward to the year.