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Going on camp with a youth group who you don't know is a little daunting. Especially when they all know each other. You feel a little like the odd one out, which I was. But it was ok.

The camp was fun. The young people were all aged between year 8 and 11. They were a good bunch, fun and friendly.

I did a series of talks which were adaptated from the series I did in June last year (which I am about to start posting on the Preaching Blog). People seemed to be happy and challenged. It was hard adapting for a smaller group (about 30) as you have to be less note reliant. So I spent a lot of time speaking from memory.

On the Sunday Night we had our Gospel night. On Sunday afternoon I felt like I should prepare a new talk instead of doing the one I had planned. So I quickly put it together using old stuff and new stuff. It was a little stressful, but I felt calmer about the talk when I had done that. I guess that's what you call listening to the Spirit.

The night went really well. After a night of worship, speaking and contemplation, of the young people that were there all but one of the them came down the front for prayer. By the end all but one or two of them were in tears. It was a pretty special experience, you can't ask for a much better response (not that I'm claiming the credit!) I felt privleged to have been there.

The camp had high ropes and a giant swing. They were lots of fun. I'd like to do more high ropes and go as fast as I can. That'd be cool. Perhaps I'll build my own high ropes course with all my fantastic construction skills.

The youth group had been to Soul Survivor last year. It was funny, some of the campers were pretty impressed that I was Donny Jaffa. When I sat next to one of them at breakfast they said "I'm sitting next to a famous person." I enjoyed that. Although I don't think she really thought I was all that famous. One boy asked me "If your famous, how did they get you to come on this camp?"

Now I'm home and happy.