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Library, Bullet and A Collapse

Ryan and I went to the State Library today to work on my new website.

I've had a plan to create a website for a few months now. I've often found that I'm at work and I have to find a speaker for an event but I can never find a speaker, or if I do find one, I don't know what they're like. So to solve that problem I've decided to make a website. It's a site that Christian Speakers will sign up to and upload a sample message of theirs. Then people who need to find speakers can go to the site, read their profile and listen to the sermon. If they like it, they book the speaker. It's like online dating except for speakers and people who need speakers.

Anyway Ryan and I sat in the Library (an Gloria Jeans) all day and did that. He did all the technical typing, I sat next to him and read magazines.

I bought Green Day's Bullet in a Bible today with a gift voucher. It's fun.

On the way home from the City a man in my carriage collapsed. I was in the front carriage and it was packed full. At Milson's Point station I noticed a commotion behind me and I looked down and saw a man's arm on the floor and thought "This train is so packed, it's a bit rude to take up space sitting on the floor like that." But when I looked better I saw a man very uncomfortably sprawled on the ground. People started saying "Stop the train! Stop the train!" So a few of us jumped out and started waving at the guards. They looked at us funny and closed the doors. We kept waving while other passengers held our doors open.

A man who was sitting on the platform said "Should we get the driver?"

I thought "That's a good idea" and ran to the driver's window and knocked. He got up out of his seat and opened his door. "A man has just collapsed in our carriage!" I said. He came out to have a look but by this stage the man was being helped off the train. He was sitting down while people were crowding around. He was saying "I'm alright, I'm alright." At this point a lady who had been on the train with us offered to stay with the man, he kept saying he was alright, so everyone piled back onto the train. I was the last on the train and the guard closed the door on me. My bag got squashed.