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Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I have to go to bed soon because I have to go to work tomorrow. I went to work today too. Wow, two days in a row I'll be at work! This full time work thing, I don't know, it's like being back at school. After 6 years it feels like the holidays have finally ended.

Or maybe it felt like this 4 weeks ago before I went on holidays. Not quite sure, it all kinda blurs into one.

Yesterday I did manage to spend most of it lying around. I finished my book Preaching Without Notes which was mostly a waste of time. For all you budding noteless preachers out there, I'll sum up all 132-pages for you in a few easy steps:

1. Write Lots of Notes
2. Write a Sermon Outline
3. Memorise it
4. Rehearse it
5. Preach it

Anyway you can borrow it off me if you want. The people who visited Amazon liked the book, so that's ok. I'll let them like it.

I went back to TCBC last night. It was fun. I felt rather comfortable, except hot. I missed my church though, going to church makes you miss church. I wanted to go to maccas and hang with all the youth.

I almost didn't go to church last night because I was feeling lazy. It occurred to me "Sometimes this is how people who don't work for the church feel." I felt almost like a normal person.

During church the guy beside me said "Is this your first time?"

To which I replied "Second"

"Well you're onto a winner" he said

I think he thought I'd joined the church. Or perhaps it was his subtle way of getting me to join. A good try too. Unfortunately my church will pay me a couple of thousand dollars more to attend theirs.

After church we played a bit of Balderdash. And I watched the cricket. I got rather excited. I'm not sure I could sit through a whole day of it, but 30 mins worked quite fine, even if we did get demolished.

Today at work I had lots of meetings, tried cleaning my offices but made it messier, and a had a planning meeting by myself which made me appreciate that planning with another is more fun than planning alone.

Which reminds me Happy, Happy, Happiness to Helen and Jon for their lifetime ring exchange program. Well done! I look forward to coming over for vegetarian barbies!