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My holidays haven't been all that holiday like. I've been spending most of my time doing work for camp or being on camp.

But when I have had time to do things with firends it's been hard to find friends. Hornsby is has leaked lots of my friends to other suburbs, cities or countries. Meeting up with firends takes a lot more effort. So when you think "It's 9:20pm I might go and see a movie at 9:30" There is a lot less chance that I'll have friends around. That's why I'm moving to Newtown.

The last week of the year was easy to find friends though. I think people were on holidays and around. It was good. Did I mention that I saw 52 movies last year. I managed it. That last week had 5 movies in it or something, but it was good. I made it.

Right now I'm burning a cd of all my iTues songs so Howie can have them on his lappy.