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Well Adelaide rolls on.

We went to Hahndorf today which is meant to be a quint little German town in the Adelaide Hills. I didn't like it very much. It was full of tourists and quite fake. It was prtending to be German, but really it was just making a buck. We went into one quaint little pub for a buffet which turned out not to be quaint or little but just a facade that led to a pokie filled, gaudy decored, RSL type club. But it still was that place I wanted to eat. I like gaudy.

Once that was done we escaped on the O-Bahn (which was cool) from the city to a Westfield. Felt like home but now I'm itching for a game of frsbee or something.

I'm really enjoying sleeping in. Our days haven't started before 12 yet. It's great.

Tomorrow we're having "alone day" this means you explore Adelaide on your own. I think I'll read, sleep, internet and perhaps visit the church of Scientology.

Should be good.