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Second last full day in Adelaide today. I'm having fun here. It is a good city. I haven't done much touristy stuff here. I'm a bad tourist. But I'm having fun. This city is so small. You can walk anywhere.

Today we dropped the van at the Nissan service place in the North. We put it in because the breaks were shuddering when we went down hills at high speeds so we thought it might be good to get it looked at so it doesn't kill us on the way to Melbourne. I'm hoping it doesn't cost me thousands of dollars.

Yesterday was Sunday which means church visits. We only made it to two. We went to Pilgrim Uniting in the city in the morning. It was very much like what I expect a Uniting Church to be like. The people were very nice but the service didn't really do it for me. Still I like to see people expressing their faith, and the tea and coffee room afterwards was lovely.

I came home to sleep for a few hours because I was buggered from the night before. We had managed to stay out late enjoying the night life of the local area of our YHA. I think I got about 6 hours sleep the night before( that's small for this holiday, a luxury the rest of my life) so a sleep did me good.

Once I had awoken from my slumber, we headed off to Paradise Community Church to see what Guy Sebastian's spiritual home was like. It was fun. The had lots of screens with Media Player visualizations projected on them, and a band that played well. It was exactly what you can expect from a big Penty Church.

The preacher was a visiting guy from the US. He sounded exactly like American preachers do, it was cool. He shouted and often seemed like he was going to cry. He was so over the top it was hard to not think he was putting it on (I don't think he was). I did have fun.

Whenever I go somewhere like that I usually try and figure out what I would do I if I were preaching there. I wrote half a sermon in my head while I watched last night. I doubt I'd be nearly as energetic as this guy was though.

After the service we visited the Guests Lounge where everyone who we met asked us the same questions. At least they were welcoming us. I liked the hospitality of the Uniting Church more though, they were less slick, but seemed a little more genuine.

I like being a Christian, there are so many other Christians out there doing their Christian thing, and we all know we're related to each other. It's tops.