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We're in Mildura at the moment. We entered Victoria about an hour ago. Tis good fun this place. So far we've probably driven around 1000km now. I could convey the wonder of this journey in many fantastic words, but sitting here in this internet cafe has sapped my brain of the desire to make my writing seem good.

We left very early yesterday morning. It was about 6:30 when we left but it seemed later because the sun was up and the air was warm. I think that may have something to do with summer.

We picked up Jo in Campbelltown and did breakfast and Church in Mittagong. We then drove for a long time.

We've been swapping around cars every two hours or so to make sure we all get to talk to different people. Sometimes there's sleeping, sometimes there's deep conversation, often silly jokes, mostly inappropriate.

We stayed last night at a pub in Hay, the Old Crown Hotel. It's about 760kms away from Sydney. It was a the best pub. Kinda country, kinda quaint. The boys got given a flat to stay in which had a lounge room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. It was luxury pub style.

We ate and drank in the beer garden, it was very fun having a restaurant and a bar so close to your bed. At 10 o'clock the manager came out to tell us they we would have to stop drinking as their license on Sundays only went till 10. We thought that was funny seeing as most of us had only had one drink and were only planning on having one. We aren't big drinkers. Too Christian I guess.

I'm not too sure why I wrote my last paragraph like that, probably to let you all know we didn't get drunk. I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea.

Today we've driven through lots of flat outbackish land. Red dirt and all that. I'm feeling very much like an Australian.

I think it may be time to head off now. The girls aren't really using the internet much so I figure I should be off. We'll be in Adelaide tonight, that'll be fun.

Next time we go on a road trip, you should all come.