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Sometimes internet cafes are great because you are away on holidays but you can connect with the world at home. Other times internet cafes remind you that there is a world at home and it just kinda intrudes on your happy, ignorant lifestyle.

Blogging so often makes me think that things should have changed since the last time I blogged but they haven't. At least not much.

Yesterday afternoon I only made it back to a park to read my book. That was great.

Last night we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's in the Botanical Park at the Moonlight Cinema. It was very cold. We hid under our rugs and leant on each other for warmth. I didn't really watch a lot of the movie, I spent most of the time listening to the sound and staring at the stars. I watched a satellite make its way quietly across the sky. I wonder if anyone else was paying attention to it.*

The movie though is a tops movie. Audrey really is something special.

Today we have come to the beach. Gelnelg is where we are. We caught a bus to the city from a little town/suburb down the road from where we live called Sterling. We caught a tram from the city to Glenelg. The tram was cool. Old fashioned with uncomfortable seats.

The beach here isn't very interesting. There is no surf, there's rocks instead of sand, and it's not like the beaches back home. I am an arrogant Sydney-sider and Glenelg is a poor excuse for a beach. But still it's a lovely place. I think it'd be a great place to eat an ice cream and read a book and I'm looking forward to doing both.

Today is Saturday which means I am almost half way through this Great Lower Quarter of Australia Road Trip. I really am having a tops time. I think mainly because I'm not in Sydney and I'm living with 8 other tops people. We laugh more than we should and sing more than we need to. There's much joy about.

Tonight I'm hoping to have a beer in a local pub. If you ask for a Schooner here you get a Midi. If you ask for a Pint you get a Schooner, tis amazing. "They come in pints? I'm getting one!"

*I thought if I was being melodramatic (or Picoult-ish) I could have written "I watched a satellite make its lonely way quietly across the dark night sky. I wondered if anyone else was paying attention to it as it weaved a straight line between the stars. Sometimes we all make our way through life, doing our thing, wondering if anyone's watching. We slowly go about our business, just a speck in a sky full of shining lights. We keep going around, and around, not because there is any choice in it, but we can do nothing else but stay in orbit." But I wasn't being melodramatic and so I didn't write that. But I did write it down here though because I thought it'd be fun.