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Today is the "Do Adelaide by Yourself Day". This has led me to wander around the city by myself, as I tend to do when I'm alone in Sydney. It is one of my more exciting past times.

Last night we watched The Neverending Story. I hadn't seen it since I was about 7. It was very fun. When I was seven I didn't pick up the overt imperitives from the film makers to have good self esteem and fight depression. It was all pretty blatent which made it all the fun.

In the boys room last night we created a fortress out of our beds. Each bed (except David's) has its own light prevention system which uses blankets to enable each individual to put their bed in a cacoon of complete darkness. It's very effective, I woke up at around 9:30am this morning and it was so dark I thought it was somewhere around 3am.

My time in the city today has been tops. Time alone means lots of time for introspection. Often I enjoy doing it, but it never really changes. I'm always kinda similar to how I was last time.

I've read, prayed, and read again in the Botanical Gardens today. My book has very small writing and it isn't all that easy to read. But I'm enjoying it. It's not very pleasant. At the moment there is a man who is living in a really crappy marriage. Most of what he talks about is making money and how crappy his marriage is. It's a stream of consiousness. It's pretty depressing, but I think that's the point. I really don't want to have a crappy marriage, but this isn't giving me much hope. I hope the book gets better. We'll change characters soon.

Since the park I have eaten in Hungry Jacks and walked down a street. I discovered the William Street of Adelaide. I'm always facinated by the seedy parts of town. I'm not sure why. Probably because I spend all my time in un-seedy Christian land. Although as facinating as streets full of tatoo palours and clubs called "Pleasure Land" are, they are always kinda depressing too.

Now I'm in an internet cafe. I'm not sure if that defeats the purpose of having a day on my own, reading about everyone else and chatting in MSN, but I'm having fun.

I have to decide what to do next. I may go sit in a park again. Or see a movie. I can't decide. Or as I suggested to myself, perhaps I'll go visit the Scientologists.