6/02/2009 10:46:00 am

More Academic Grace

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So I got a phone call yesterday from the lecturer who is marking the essay for the subject which I'm redoing because I failed. I couldn't work out why he'd be calling. I didn't think it'd be because my essay was going to fail because I had put a lot of work into the essay. I was pretty sure it wouldn't be because I neglected to hand it in. All I could think of was that it was so good he wanted to publish it. At least, that was what I was hoping for. So I rang him back this morning.

He asked me if I was aware that the late penalties at college had changed this year. They used to be 5% a week, which was insanely generous and I exploited it regularly. Now they've been upped to 10% a week. Which is still very generous, but probably better to stop people like me treating deadlines like suggestions.

But this phone call was the first I had heard of the change.

Turns out my essay wasn't as insanely brilliant as I had thought it could be. It seems it takes more than having 12 books in your bibliography to impress these academic types. I even had a book by John Calvin! Anyway the lecturer told me that if he marked me on the new system then I would fail. But seeing as I didn't know he was going to mark me on the old system, and so I'll pass.

I must say, it's times like this that I love my college. I have by no means been the best student. But they're gracious to me even when I should have known better. Ignorance isn't really a valid excuse, but they passed me anyway.

It makes me not regret the dream I had last night where I got into a shouting match with the lecturer of one of Sydney's other conservative evangelical colleges who was ripping on my college. I totally won the argument too.

If they've got my back in real life, I've got their back in my subconscious.