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The Day of LA

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You can tell I'm on holidays because I'm writing long blogposts again.

John and Cake at City Hall.JPG

Post Qantas lounge blogging, I stocked up on food and Dad, because he's a business man, talked on the phone and refused to invest in my life like the high-powered, high-flyer suit that he is.

John on Phone.JPG

My Father neglects his son while on the first day of holidays together

Once our flight was called we bundled ourselves, our carry on bags, and the wedding cake onto the A380, and it managed to fit all of us and our gear plus about 3,000 other people. We lifted off into the skies metres of runway to spare.

The A380 is a lovely plane. Being downstairs is like being on a new 747 but you have to remind yourself that there is a whole second story of people more elite than you upstairs. Then it feels big. It's also new. And shiny. And you know it's important because instead of saying "Welcome aboard", the flight attendants all say "Welcome aboard the A380." I wonder if they'll still be saying that in 20 years.

Anyway the flight isn't much to comment on. My TV broke early on and I was worried I would be forced to watch the frozen launch screen of a video game for the entire 14 hours, which would have made it the worst flight ever (I only fly for the entertainment), but the Lord had mercy via a flight attendant who reset it for me. Praise Jesus. I got to watch Last Chance Harvey with Dad (it was about an inept man going to his daughter's wedding overseas, I think it made Dad cry small tears). I also watched the first two episodes of Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords. I know you're all jealous.

We did learn on the flight that the Americans have made a new rule for any plane flying to America that passengers are not allowed to congregate on the plane in groups, especially near the toilets. When you've squashed 500 people into a metal tube in the sky and then making a rule for them not to congregate is like sticking five people into a Mini and making a rule that they mustn't sit near each other. Suffice to say, we did see multiple incidents of people congregating near toilets. I can only guess how our flight didn't end up in the side of a building somewhere attacking freedom.

When we arrived in LA, due to the A380s flux capacitor, it was 3 hours before we left Sydney. I managed to leave my passport on the plane and had to get a security man to retrieve it for me. He did and didn't beat me around the head with his Homeland Security batton, which was very gracious of him.

Customs was long and a tad silly, as is to be expected, but they allowed my suspicious looking 7kgs of icing sugar through no worries. And then we were in glorious LA.

We caught a taxi into LA where I promptly hid a special treasure for my friends Pip and Caleb to go find when they get here in a few weeks time. It's an international treasure hunt and I'm excited.

Dad and I followed our pirate like booty concealing with lunch in the most American place we could find: Showbiz Ribs. There was lots of food, free soda refills, and people of hefty proportions. We couldn't have asked for more.

Tom in Showbiz Ribs.JPG

I didn't realise I look like that in profile. I'm going to get cosmetic surgery to the side of my head

We wandered around the city, discovered the Disney Concert Hall, which you may remember from such films as Get Smart and Sketches of Frank Gehry. It is kinda cool.

Disney Music Hall.JPG

Disney Concert Hall

John at Disney Centre.JPG

Dad in some garden with some architecture

We also found the famous City Hall. You may know it from films, but I can't think which ones.

John and Cake at City Hall 2.JPG

Dad and the World Travelling Wedding Cake at City Hall

We went in, were given visitor's passes and given free access to LA City Hall. It was great. We wandered deserted corridors looking at pictures, through empty reception halls, and looked out at the empty look out. If you're in LA, go to LA City Hall. It's the best thing to do Downtown. I know because I did Downtown today.

Bored in LA Downtown.JPG

Bored in LA. Probably not the best bored shot ever.

Ugly Art.JPG

LA should be famous for it's ugly art, because that's the only art we saw today.

We finally headed back to Union Station to catch a bus to the airport. You may also know it from movies but I can't remember any of them either. It had comfy chairs.

John Union Station.JPG

Still neglecting his son

Hacked Sign Union Station.JPG

Union Station Sign Hack. Sweet.

Now I'm in the ReLAX lounge. It's like the Qantas lounge only less posh and you can get in if you pay money. It has the most comfy chairs. Dad just left to go and catch his plane. I'm all alone till 1:45am when my flight will take me on to the Guate.

This place is full of Australians. I wish it wasn't. I want to listen to Americans. I love Americans.

John in ReLAX lounge.JPG

If you look closely you can see a plane out the window