6/09/2009 05:43:00 pm

Almost Done

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I did my exams. They were about as good as unstudied for exams can go. Joys be had.

Almost everything on the to do has gone on the too done list. I'm even almost totally packed. All the suits and icing sugar and one or two pieces of clothing I want to wear are in and wash bags and clothes on the line to be squashed in.

I have to work tonight and earn my cash monies, than I'm sleeping and flying.

I love this time before you go away, when you realise you're almost ready to go and all the things that were stressing you about leaving are over. The holiday begins now. I know I have to work, but that's pretty stress free. It only really involves scanning tickets, telling people they can't smoke outside or bring plastic bottles inside and maybe seeing a bit of an international pop star. Not too shabby really.

Now I have to go wee. That's my most pressing need and it really is pressing.