7/08/2008 11:58:00 pm

Tuesday Joy

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Usually my Tuesdays are relaxing but a little depressing, because I have my day off, but there is no one around to enjoy it with. Today however was a different story.

I work up early, pumped to buy a suit for the upcoming wedding in the Gong on Saturday. I walked into the first shop I saw, flirted with an older lady, and walked out 20 minutes later with a new suit, tie, shirt and a saving of $100! I'd like to say it was because of my flirting skills but I think it might have been the tag attached to the suit that said "$100 Off!".

Next it was off to Glebe to pick up Mil, so we could use my Van of Power to pick up a pink desk from my Marrickville place (the one I'm on the lease for but don't live in and don't know most of the people who actually do live in it). There we picked up a desk and Jemma, and headed back to Glebe.

In Glebe it was over priced lunch for the three of us from somewhere trendy with red couches, which Jemma liked, but they were probably made out of dead animal.

Jemma left us after some fair trade coffee, and Mil accompanied me to Broadway to buy some swanky shoes to go with my swanky suit. We did well, it's helpful having support, especially from a girl because girls know about things like looking good.

My final act in Broadway was to get my haircut, to remove the hair that doesn't go with the swanky suit and swanky shoes. It occurred to my that almost all the money I spent today was on improving my appearance. This is a little disconcerting. I'd better look hot on Saturday.

I headed back to the house of Mil and Martin, where I found Mil and Martin and Martin promptly invited me to dinner with them (and Ryan and Van). The movie, Happy-Go-Lucky, was lovely. Full of happiness and very little conflict. It had one of the most pleasant characters I have ever seen on film. And I did laugh much too.

Dinner was good too, full of discussion about inappropriate jokes. My favourite.

So my day as been full of people I like and fun things to do. Only down point was having to come home to do some reading for the theology intensive I start tomorrow (Was Jesus' post-resurrection body physical most of the time or just some of the time?) and finding out that I have be at college at 8:30am. Grr. 7:15 on the train. Grr.

Oh well, I'll do it for theology because I love theology. And I'll do it for Jesus. Though I feel I could glorify Jesus by sleeping too.