7/25/2008 11:53:00 pm

Car Conversion

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I was listening to myself preach in the car yesterday. I do that so I can laugh at my own jokes and respond to my own alter calls. I forgot that I was getting my car serviced and left the cd playing. I stopped it last time I got the car looked at because I thought the mechanic might judge me for listening to Eric Bibb. Who knows what he thought of me for listening to myself rattle on about Jesus.

Still, he listened for a good 4 minutes. I know because when I hopped in the car, it was stopped four minutes after where I had left it. So if all goes according to plan he'll now remember that "the church isn't about us, it's only and always about Jesus."

When I went to pay exorbitant amounts for the car, the mechanic told me "There's nothing wrong with your car, except your brakes could fail at anytime." Apparently that's a bad thing. I guess it means now I can risk my life and drive recklessly without even breaking the speed limit. That's an achievement any young man oughta be proud of.