7/28/2008 11:56:00 pm

No Ice Cream For You

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I've made a week of blogging.

And you were all wanting a Gaytime.

It shouldn't really be a big deal, a week of blogging. But in this uncertain climate of high interest rates, global warming and missing NRL players, it seems that regular blogging has become much harder to find in this community.

Speaking of Sonny Bill. I think forcing the man to honour his contract and keep playing for the Bulldogs seems a bit dumb. But then again, I don't think anyone is seriously considering it. It seems like people just want to stop him from playing in France, or making pay a lot of money for the privilege to do so.

This seems perfectly reasonable to me. I don't have a problem with busting people for breaking contract. Contracts are rather important, people should stick to their commitments. Even if they do get offered $3 million to break them. Though I can see how that'd be rather tempting.

Anyway, I know people don't read the blog for my insightful comments on the state of Rugby League. So I'll return you now to our regular programing.

Actually I think I might go reply to Ty's comment below. I think he's called me out and suggested that not everyone is as insecure as me. Of course they are, their self-esteem is just too high to notice.