7/03/2008 11:38:00 pm


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I have been doing theology readings for college lately and the theologian was saying that the orthodox position on Jesus' omnipresence is that when he became incarnate he didn't cease to be omnipresent. This was an odd thought which I had never thought about before, I had always assumed that he ceased to be omnipresent because part of being human is about only being in one particular space. If figured the Father and Spirit could fill any necessary gaps in the Universe left by Jesus' incarnation. A little bit of omnipresence rostering could sort out that issue in the Godhead.

But alas, Raymond, Calvin and many other people, disagree. Jesus was both in one place and everywhere at the same time. I'm not sure how they support this biblically, but I'm sure someone could tell me. I feel like this thought is a little bit of a let down, it feels like it diminishes the significance of the incarnation, like taking away Superman's cape without realising that he can still fly.

Anyway, if there is anyone inclined to think theologically out there, tell me what you think.