9/16/2007 11:02:00 pm


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I'm back.

I do enjoy camp. For some reason camps are the times when people sustain an unusually high number of injuries. I felt like I was constantly handing out ice packs. That's pretty much the extent of my First Aid practise. Perhaps being in-charge of camp you get to see all the injuries rather than just the ones that you might see or sustain when you're a usual camper.

Still, camp isn't really all about injuries. God did good stuff this camp. Mitch came and spoke and did well. The youth folk really liked him, so that made me happy. We had some creative worship times which involved everything from dancing, to foot washing, painting and playing music. All sounds rather vibey like that, but it didn't worry me at all. Perhaps the vibers of my church have infected me. You didn't have to participate in everything, so it wasn't confronting at all really.

One of the activities was for people to nail their sins and troubles to a cross. As it was promised that no-one would look at them, I took the cross back to church with me and had my own little pyro-session in the back yard burning all the sins, so no one could ever find out what was written. It was pretty fun, I like fire.

I ran communion with the youth group this morning. I've never really run communion before (except sortof at Soul) and I really enjoyed it. Perhaps not because I was running it, but because I got to run it for my youth group who I really love. So it was special getting to lead them through such a special moment.

Last night was the night of wide games and camp fires. The wide game was pretty wicked, involving party poppers, trip wires and booby-traps. I did have fun watching that unfold. And campfires are just good fun. All the wood the camp site gave us was full of nails, so I didn't let any of the youth build the fire as I didn't want to have to take anyone to hospital for tetanus shots at 11pm. The young people didn't like it much, but Curt and I then had responsibility of building the fire, and I can't say I was upset with the task of burning stuff. I've decided I want to run a themed camp for pyro-maniacs full of blowing stuff up and burning stuff. I reckon it'd be pretty popular too. I'll just have to find someone with the gift of administration to look after the insurance.

And that I think it my camp run down.

Now I shall recover with some sleep.