9/20/2007 11:14:00 pm


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Today was mostly spent procrastinating. I felt like sleeping most of the day, but I had a Bible Study to write so I couldn't sleep. But I was feeling too tired to write it, so I procrastinated all day. It was rather fun.

Some of the highlights included cooking gnocchi for lunch with Nathan, the Student-in-Ministry, hearing our Acting Senior Minister's testimony (he became a Christian in his first year of Bible College) while asking him if it was ok to kiss your girlfriend (he deems it is), having an extended lunch break with Nathan and Kathy, picking honeymoon destinations for Nathan and Courtney, arguing with Helen about business card design (for old time's sake), watching Ricky Gervais on YouTube, and talking to Pip about grape juice and to Jon about, um, sport maybe.

It really was a productive day at the office of procrastination. Though I did manage some serious thought about where I will go when I die (I think I will die, leave the time space continuum and pop back in on Judgment Day to pick up my new body).

By about 5:45pm, because I wanted to go home, I started work on the Bible Study. I eventually finished it too. So things are good.

However don't ever let me encourage you procrastinate like that. It's bad, and you have to repent, and work late. Procrastination is for chumps!

It offends me when people say youth ministers don't ever do any work.