7/03/2007 12:25:00 am

Steak and Bartlett

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I got my steak today.

I had a "Youth Minister's Fraternal" with Mitch and Graham today. I've never called it a Youth Minister's Fraternal before, but Kathy in the office suggested it because it sounds more official than it's real name of a "Bitch and Moan Session". I did enjoy the catch up. I rarely see other youth ministers. And even less rarely ones I'm friends with. So it's special to see people who are doing the same as me.

I have 5 talks to prepare for next week's camp between now and Saturday evening. I got most of the way through talk number one today. I'm sure I'll get the rest done soon.

I was home alone tonight so I hung out at the Wrights. Helen cooked a winner vegetarian lasagne and we watched disk one of season 6 of The West Wing. It was good to have the Bartlett administration back. And I think this season isn't looking as silly as the last one.

When I was walking home, I was walking down a dark back alley and I had my iPod in. I got chased down the street by a couple with a lot of change in their pocket. I heard their change, but I didn't really pay much attention to them. Till they were really close and I thought they may have been talking to me. I took my iPod out and said "Sorry?"

"Oh we just had someone prowling around our courtyard, we thought it might have been you." the woman said.

"Oh ok." I replied.

"Sorry if we scared you" she responded.

"No worries" I told them.

"We're trying to find a stalker" said the man. And then they ran off.

It was odd.

Now I'm home, and I didn't see any stalkers.