7/23/2007 11:42:00 pm

Community Events

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I hopped in my car and was about to go to work on Sunday morning when I noticed a man walking up our street. He stopped at our drive way (I was parked on the street) looked up it, then walked in. I thought "Oh no, someone's stealing our stuff again." So I hopped out of my car walked back to the house and found the man standing on a small garden bed wall holding some scissors and trying to cut a mandarin out of our mandarin tree. I said "Hello"

"Oh hi" he replied "I just thought these looked good so I thought I'd try one."

"Oh, ok" I responded, "They're not very good, but go ahead"

"Oh they look good."

"Well if you like it feel free to have them anytime you want."

"Ok, thanks." He said. And then I went to work.

Today I was sitting at work and I got a phone call from one of the youth group mothers and she said "I wouldn't normally do this but my husband is away for work, and I have a flat tire, and I just saw Jon and he said you'd be really good at it. So can you come up to the shops and change my tire for me?"

Little did Jon know that I've never changed a tire in my life, but I'd seen my Dad do it once. I'd never changed one because I've never had a flat tire. Not because I get other people to do it. But I figured, how hard can it be.

So I went up to the shops and fiddled around. Her son was with her (he's in the small group I run), so we intuited our way through the process and changed the tire. It was pretty fun. I didn't really know what I was doing, but now I do. So if ever I need to change a tire, I can. It's not that hard. And I had dirty hands afterwards, so I felt pretty manly.