7/20/2007 12:01:00 am


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We had a fascinating small group yesterday on the current Government initiative in the Northern Territory. I'd write about what I think, but I want to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

But what was great about the small group is that we went away, after looking at the issue, and the issue of corporate sin, convicted that we are people who need to respond to the terrible situation of some of your fellow Australians. I love the Bible studies where you come away feeling convicted, and convicted as a group rather than as an individual. Maybe the rest of the group didn't feel the same as me, but it felt like it.

Hopefully our conviction will translate into action.

Today I spent the day doing a mail out with Nathan. My goodness mail outs take a long time. Still we had fun, and I love our colour laser printer at work. It makes things so much more pretty.