7/17/2007 05:38:00 pm

Harry Potter and the Day of the CDs

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I think I've come out of a CD buying drought four new CDs in 3 days. That's pretty good. On Sunday I got out of the post a new Counting Crows live cd, Rebel, Sweetheart by The Wallflowers. Today I bought Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park and The Cost by The Frames. Yep, I'm gonna pretty musically content for a while I think.

I also went to see Order of the Phoenix. Last week was such a hard week knowing I couldn't go see the film. I almost cried myself to sleep most night. So getting to see Harry today filled me with glee. I would almost be willing to say this was the best Harry film so far. Harry wasn't nearly as annoying in the film as he is in the book. I only wanted to slap him a little bit.

The wand fights were really cool. And I loved the sets. The score was pretty good too, although I miss the Harry Potter theme. And there were only one of two silly lines in the script, it was very well written. At least I thought so.

I loved the look of the Ministry of Magic.

So I'm impressed. Well done Potter People.