3/02/2007 11:12:00 am


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I'm off to Church camp today.

One day I look forward to the time when I will have weekends. Two days off in a row at the same time as everyone else. Though being on camp should have its joys.

Next week is looking rather large. The beginning of the year is always larger than the other parts in my experience. This is always because I haven't got my act together.

Two nights ago I had a dream where I was getting attacked by a big, yellow, hairy spider. I didn't like it much. It's haunted me since.

When I was sitting in class yesterday one of the girls sat down near me and said "You look tired and miserable". It took me by surprise because I would never tell someone I didn't know they looked miserable in case they actually thought I was asking why they were miserable. And I wouldn't want to ask a stranger that, it would seem impolite.

I was in fact feeling tired and miserable. But I think I replied with "Yep. I'm pretty tired." I decided to ignore the bit about my feelings.

After college I got a $179 parking fine, which in my unhappy state actually cheered me up a little. I think it was the novelty factor. You don't get booked every day.

I came home and fell asleep and woke up feeling much happier.