3/12/2007 11:49:00 pm


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It was quite a day today. Probably not huge, but coming off the back of a big week, and a preaching weekend, it was a big day.

I preached last night which went well. Matt did a new song that I requested because it fitted in with my sermon. It was a funny feeling singing a song that I picked. It's like I have 5 people playing the song and 80 people singing a song, just because I thought it was a good idea. It gave me an odd sense of power. I guess worship leaders feel it all the time. But being a mere preacher it's rare for people to join you singing.

After church I worked till almost midnight on today's scripture seminars. It was the first chance I really got all week. And after much kerfuffle trying field a team of scripture teachers I managed in the end.

Scripture was good again. I'm glad I didn't stuff up too bad. I like going into the High School. It's tough but I like the people there so it's fun.

Tonight we had community dinner. I was feeling pretty stuffed. But I tried to stay with it. Tomorrow is off. Probably off to the movies. Yay.

I think I might have left my iPod in the car.