3/20/2007 11:28:00 am


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Yesterday was scripture at the high school again. I always in enjoy it. Though it's always hard. I never really feel like I'm good at the whole small groups thing, but sometimes you get good conversations. Most of the time the students don't seem to care about Christianity at all. Which I can understand. You're at school, you're put in a class room with 4 people you don't really know, and you're asked to think about the big questions of the world. I'm not sure I'd be all that enthusiastic to participate either.

But sometimes we hit gold and we get people who are interested and responsive. It definitely is for the ones and twos. But I hope they remember us in years to come and they think "The Christians weren't that bad."

I watched BoyTown last night with Ryan and Mil. It was a lot less good than I thought it would be. I laughed a bit. But mostly it was bad. I can't imagine owning the soundtrack. I think I'd want to kill myself if I had to listen to that anymore. Though I realise that was the point.